Mar 22 2017



I know a lot of members know Ben Lawrenson very well. I’ve just had a message from his youngest son Eric to say that sadly his battle with cancer has taken a turn for the worse and has spread to his brain. He has asked me to let as many people know that I can think of, hence my post. The prognosis is a matter of weeks and Eric has asked that if anyone would like to get in touch to message him on 07538356595. I’m sure we all send our best wishes to Ben and all of his family at this difficult time.

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Feb 16 2017


What’s on in the North East & Cumbria
March and April 2017
Date Event Venue Website
4th Mar Autotest Kirkbride
4th/5th Mar 4×4 Safari Helmsley
5th Mar Kart Racing Rowrah
6th Mar 12 Car Rally N Yorks
8th Mar 12 Car Rally Northumberland
9th Mar 12 Car Rally North Cumbria
11th Mar Forest Rally Lake District
11th/12th Mar Autotest Acaster
11th/12thMar Kart Racing Rowrah
11th/12th Mar 4×4 Trial Penrith
12th Mar Kart Racing Wombwell
12th Mar 4×4 Trial Hetton
15th Mar 12 Car Rally Otley
16th Mar 12 Car Rally Cumbria
17th Mar 12 Car Rally East Yorks
17th/18th Mar Forest Rally Scottish Borders
18th Mar 4×4 Night Trial Helmsley
18th/19th Mar 4×4 Trial Bradford
18th/19thMar Kart Racing Rowrah
19th Mar Autotest Maryport
19th Mar Autotest Seaton Carew
19th Mar Rallycross Croft Circuit
19th Mar Autotest Sproatley
19th Mar Autotest N Cumbria
19th Mar 4×4 Trial Renwick
19th Mar 4×4 Trial Manton
21st Mar Scatter W Yorkshire
25th/26th Mar Autotest West Cumbria
26th Mar Classic Rally North Yorkshire
26th Mar 4×4 Trial Haverthwaite
31st Mar – 2nd Apr Vintage Rally Northern England
2ndApr Stage Rally Melbourne
2nd Apr Sporting Trial Blaygill
8th/9thApr 4×4 Trial Helmsley
9th Apr Hillclimb Harewood
9th Apr Kart Racing Wombwell
9th Apr 4×4 Trial Bootle, Cumbria
9th Apr Autotest Bradford
9th Apr Kart Racing Rowrah
9th Apr Classic Rally N Yorks ilkleymotorclub
9th Apr 4×4 Trial Hetton
9th Apr Autotest West Cumbria
15th/16th Apr 4×4 Safari Driffield
16th Apr 4×4 Trial Helmsley
17th Apr Sprint Croft
23rd Apr Sporting Trial W Yorks
23rd Apr Autotest Seaton Carew
23rd April 4×4 Trial Egremont
26th Apr Navigation Event Gateshead
29th/30th April Car & Kart Racing Croft Circuit
29th/30th April Classic/Targa Rally Berwick area
29th/30th April Forest Rally Carlisle/Kielder
29th/30th Apr Hillclimb Scarborough
30th Apr Autotest Bradford
30th Apr Sporting Trial Gale Hall
30th Apr Autocross Nr Morpeth cramlington-districtmotorclub.
For a full listing of motorsport events visit
If you’d like to be e-mailed regular what’s on bulletins please e-mail ‘yes please’ to
This is information is as accurate as possible when published but please check
websites before attending events.
! Warning !
Motor sport can be dangerous. Despite organisers taking all reasonable
precautions, unavoidable accidents can happen. In respect of these you attend any
motor sport event at your own risk.
Find us on Facebook at
GoMotorsport Cumbria GoMotorsport North East GoMotorsport Yorkshire

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Feb 08 2017

Ilkley Jubilee Historic Rally and Run 9th April 2017

Dear Marshal,

Ilkley and District Motor Club are once again running the Jubilee Historic Rally and Run on the 9th April 2017.  I am looking for marshals for time and passage controls, test sites (timing and marshaling per autotests) and people to man gates and road junctions etc.  If you have helped before the format of the rally is similar to previous years and this year we will once again be using Liege.  The start venue is The Millstones which is located west of Harrogate on the A59 near to Kettlesing MR 104 / 221.75 561.75.  Signing on for marshals is either on Saturday 8th April at the Dyneley Arms, Bramhope between 5 and 7.30pm or on Sunday 9th April at The Millstones between 7 and 8 am.
If you can marshal can you let me know:
1) Your availability on the day (all day, morning or afternoon only)
2) How many people will be with you
3) Whether you would like to do controls, tests etc.
4) An indication of when you are likely to sign on
5) Your previous marshaling experience including Liege timing experience.
I look forward to hearing from you either by email or telephone.  My email address is and telephone number 01274588864.
Many thanks.
Siôned Kitching (Chief Marshal)

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Feb 06 2017

Lookout Stages Rally Sunday 2 April

This years event is to be held on Sunday 2 April and will be a round of EMAMC,
ANEMMC and ANWCC championships.

Continuing improvements are being carried out to the venue prior to the event
and we are aiming for 55 – 60 stage miles this year so that the finish will not
be too late.

As we will be implementing the latest MSA safety improvements, plenty of in
stage and radio Marshals will be required and as usual there will be Marshals
goodies as well as a Marshals draw.

If you and any members of your team are current registered marshals and have
completed the online training could you please let me know when you reply, along
with details of any one attending with you under the age of 18.

If you are not registered or have, or have not, completed the online training
please let me know, it is not a problem, you are still very welcome to assist as
we will be able to buddy you up with more experienced Marshals. Again, could you
please give details of any one attending with you under the age of 18.

We would recommend that you complete the online marshal accreditation on the MSA
website, go to
This should only take a short while and will give you trainee status.

There will be limited spectator access so if you want to be involved please come
and Marshal!

If you are able to help, could you please contact me at :- or on 07901 372919.

I would be most grateful if you could forward this email to anyone else you
think might be interested in helping on this years event.

Details of the venue and directions can be found at :-

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Feb 06 2017

Lindholme Motor Sports Club Classic Tour Sunday 21 May 2017

Lindholme Motor Sports Club Classic Tour Sunday 21 May 2017
The Tour is open to everyone (not just LMSC members) and all cars, but preferably those with historic, classic, sporting or cherished characteristics.
The key details are on the attached flyer, but in short:
Start: Lakeside, Doncaster – free breakfast rolls & drinks
Halfway halt: Blyton Ice Cream Parlour – has a full cafe as well as delicious ices – buy what you want.
Finish – The Courtyard, Goole – a splendid reinvention of a Victorian elementary school. Cream teas will be served as part of your entry fee.
Entry fee for car and two crew members – £30, plus £10 each for any extra passengers to cover the catering costs. The Tour will, as usual, run under an MSA Permit/Certificate of Exemption, which confers full public liability insurance, but please check that your car’s insurance covers it for road use on this type of social event.
The route: around 90 miles of interesting roads, with tourist notes and some observation quiz questions to entertain you. The route is predominantly flat: fewer long range landscape views this time, but kinder on the brakes! You will get a full road book of easy to follow “tulip” diagrams of road junctions.
After the great success of the Golden Jubilee Tour of 2015, and the previously named White Rose Classic Tours, we hope to see you and your car out in 2017.
Regulations will be published in March, at which time, entries will be open.
Regs and entry form will be on the LMSC website:

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Jan 08 2017


With so many emails flying about and so much being said about the Welsh Forestry charges, it set me thinking once again what a sorry state we have got into. Firstly, we have relied too much on the Forestry Commission and now, of course, it is coming home to roost.

Although I was not at the event, I was told on good authority that the stages on the recent Pirelli Rally were in a shocking state, in many places after the first single use, which if I am not mistaken, would be about 50 cars – 50 BRC cars, as the hysterical cars are not so inclined to damage the roads.

It is my opinion that current land owners are of a generation that does not want rally cars on their land and this also seems to be the case with the Forestry Commission. But in all honesty, if I was a land owner, let’s say a farmer with a three-mile white, why would I allow a rally to pass and wreck the surface. The answer is, I would tell the people to get lost and that is effectively what is happening to us.

How have we got into the situation where everything is about performance, sophisticated transmission and drive trains, even clever suspension and tyre compounds which years ago people would die for? This can only lead to the roads being destroyed; there is no other outcome.

In every sport that I can think of, apart from motorsport, the governing body – MCC for cricket, FIFA for football, whoever governs rugby and tennis and so forth – makes the rules for the betterment of the game; the game is then played to those rules. So why in motorsport do, firstly, the FIA and the MSA not get on, set the rules and the parameters, and then invite people to play. If top drivers don’t want any new rules, they should go and work in a call centre and let somebody else drive who will work for the good of the sport.

Drivers and manufacturers and everybody else with a vested commercial interest is sticking an oar in and buggering the job up. The whole thing is a licence to make money for a few at the expense of everybody else. With the environment being so much on the agenda, for better or worse, rally cars should be built and operated so that they are not destroying the ground they are running on.

To a large extent, reducing the grip provided by the tyre is the Holy Grail; lack of grip has always been the friend of the under-dog and has always been considered a great equaliser. Why do we all like driving in the snow and why does everybody like to watch a wet Grand Prix? Because it brings out the skill in the driver. Who complains that it is too dangerous to run in the wet? The driver with the best car, who is now threatened.

So much more could be done for rallying if the cars were made to run on road tyres of one type or another; having had 26 years in tyres, I do know a thing or two.

Those of us long enough in the tooth, can remember the three years of the Tour of Britain in the 70s. Cars of all shapes and sizes ran on standard road tyres. From memory, there were fewer punctures than we see now, because roads did not roughen and tyres did not wear out because they did not grip. Remember that we had 200bhp with 2wd; now it is 300bhp spread over four wheels. There was no history of cars flying off the road and, again from memory, a jolly good time was had by all.

A few years ago, Philip Young got quite close with his concept of road tyres (he swore by van tyres for his marathons). Whatever happened, there were certainly no accidents and no real problems. It probably just did not continue, because it was Philip, bless him.

Of course, there would be objections from all the present people, who are buying speed and would be left for dead on a road tyre. But one thing is for sure, the good drivers like Elfyn Evans would still win, probably with less effort, just like Roger Clark, Ari Vatanen and – I believe – James Hunt did.

What a pity this is not going to go anywhere, because of the head in the sand attitude and inability to make decisions which can make a real difference to everybody. By using road tyres, we would have something to put on the table for the Forestry Commission: at the moment, I suspect that we have nothing but a cheque book.

Fred Henderson

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Jan 01 2017


What’s on in the North East & Cumbria
January & February 2017
Date Event Venue Website
8th Jan Autotest Seaton Carew
8th Jan Autotest Brandesburton
8th Jan Kart Racing Wombwell
11th Jan 12 Car Rally Otley
12th Jan 12 Car Rally East Yorks
14th/15th Jan 4×4 Trial West Woodburn
15th Jan Stage Rally Croft
21st/22nd Jan Road Rally North Yorks
22nd Jan Sporting Trial Nr Penrith
25th Jan 12 Car Rally Northumberland
29th Jan Marshal Training York
2nd Feb 12 Car Rally North Yorks
5th Feb Autotest Brandesburton
11th Feb 4×4 Trial Herrington
12th Feb Kart Racing Rowrah
12th Feb Kart Racing Wombwell
15th Feb 12 Car Rally Otley
18th Feb Classic Trial North Cumbria
19th Feb Forest Rally North Yorks
19th Feb Autotest Seaton Carew
19th Feb Sporting Trial Nr Penrith
20th Feb 12 Car Rally North Yorks
23rd Feb 12 Car Rally East Yorks
25th Feb Road Rally Northumberland
For a full listing of motorsport events visit

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Nov 01 2016


Dear all

Now that the long dark nights are upon us there has never been a better time to come down to the clubhouse on a Tuesday from 20:30.  We have now moved into the Real Aeroplane Companies clubhouse which is heated 24/7 and it is pretty nice not to have to light the fires and sit there in coats, hats and gloves waiting for the place to warm up.  We have the place to ourselves and we can get comfy on the leather sofas and as they have Wi-Fi and a TV we’ve been watching Youtube videos of motorsport lately.

If you’d like to come down the Real Aeroplane Companies entrance is just 100 yards nearer to Bubwith than our old entrance.  We have yet to move our sign over.

I hope to see you on Tuesday.



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